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We lost our dreams along the way

Tears - The Trax

K~K Graphics
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Graphics - icons, FO banners, headers etc

About & Rules
Welcome to my graphics journal k_k_graphics. This journal is owned by serpensortia_19. Here you'll find all the graphics I've made. If you want to know about the kind of graphics I make then browse the tags, memories or even my interests.

If you take something then please follow the rules

~Credit me either k_k_graphics or serpensortia_19~
~Do not claim my graphics as your own~
~Do not repost my graphics. Not without my permission~
~No altering my graphics unless I say you can in each post~
~No Hotlinking. Save graphics to your own server~
~Leave a comment to let me know what you've took. Comments make me happy!~
All the brushes, gradients, textures and bases that I have used are credited in this post. If Ive used anything of yours and have not credited you, leave a comment here and I will add you to the list

Affiliates Post

If you wish to affiliate with me, either your graphics community or graphics journal, then drop a comment here and i'll add you.

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